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Hi, I'm Jan, and I am here to assist you in making your business grow. Set-up your Google Business Profile for success with my new easy to implement online course,  “Massively Improve your Google Business Profile to Gain Epic Leads and Profits".  I've been handling these online platforms for various businesses for over 12 years. Now you'll know what I know. 


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Meet Jan

Deirdre Butler, Founder/ Owner 

Jan is one of those special people who can see "the woods from the trees" from the start. She is able to assimilate a lot of information, process it quickly and then immediately start coming up with solutions. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and skills are impressive. Jan is also a joy to work with and able to share her thoughts and suggestions for improvements in a positive and encouraging manner. I highly recommend Jan Rossi for her social media and business marketing skills.

- Deirdre Butler, Founder/ Owner / BigRoundWorld.com

Anthony Reece, Casting Director

Janet is one of those clients, that puts the word "creative thinker" in our industry language. She is by far, one of most "street smart" advertisers in my client family. Her ability to also, touch up a friendship with Cleo's customers, has made her Day Spa, a destination of choice for 14 years running in Northern Colorado.

- Anthony Reece, Casting Director, Broadcast Producer, Voice Actor, Voice Over Director and Voice Coach / AnthonyReece.com

Photo recapture

There are times when you need to pull an image from your Google Business Profile page (formally Google My Business). 

What's a marketing person or owner to do?

Learn how to easily download your Google Business Profile images.

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Brian T.

"This quick Google course took the guess out of figuring it out myself and wandering around Youtube. It did not waste my time and was quick with instruction. I like that."

Gretchen H.

"I now upload my own offers and this way I change things myself. I like having control back and I'm surprised how many pics I take now!

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