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How to Emphasize a Store Address using the WiFi Code

How to Emphasize a Store Address using the WiFi Code

wifi code Sep 27, 2021

Want a quick way for people to know your address as a new business? Include your address! Here's an audio podcast I made last year. It's still important today!

Show notes: Today I use as an example – a coffee store. How to advertise with Wi-Fi codes for promotional purposes. Use as much as you can to promote your brand. Show customers what the inside of your store looks like before entry – remember the front door to your business is now the phone! Show them the inside. Show the kids area – hover over the menu and if you are the marketing assistant make sure you get the owner proudly showing off their pastries and coffees and waving and saying hello. People like to see the actual inside of businesses. Your owner will do more video and you can work on other aspects of their marketing plan. Don’t forget to zoom in on the business card so everyone knows the name of the place associated with this video. Listen in – pick up a few tips and implement them for one of your accounts. Fresh ideas – creative marketing tactics will keep you busy and in demand as a marketer.

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