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Maps Feature in Instagram Similar to GMB (New 2021)

category instagram maps Sep 29, 2021

Instagram is giving us a cool new map feature. Similar to the Google My Business area this will allow your business to show up on a map feature. There are 2 things you must do if you want to get seen in this new Instagram area.

(1) Make sure you are in the correct category. Instagram will pull  your information based on your category. If you are a restaurant, now is the time to make sure you have your category selected as "Restaurant."  Retail and shopping businesses - same thing! I discovered I was working on some accounts that had not selected a category - this is important to show up on maps.

(2) Double check your address. Your address will be pulled from what you put into Instagram (not Google!) so double check the address and suite number, city, state and zip are all there and correct.

At the present time the maps feature in Instagram is not yet on my accounts - but it will be shortly. It's best to make sure your marketing is ready to go when fans are out there shopping and making decisions on where to go. Many times parents are influenced by kids suggesting places to shop or eat. Smart kids will use the maps feature so they can choose a great spot that is not too far for the parents yet it satisfies the kids who want something specific like maybe an Acai Bowl!

A quick marketing tip today. If you implement small changes in your marketing, you'll have big results!

Watch the video above to see how easy it is to find the category area and change it. (Hint - It's not thru SETTINGS but actually through your EDIT PROFILE area on the front!)




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