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Why is my Google My Business Update Rejected?

Rejected Google My Business Posts - Fixes

google my business Nov 01, 2021

Today I answer a question from an Instagram fan. They are having updates on their Google Listing rejected & removed by the platform and they can't understand why this is happening.

Google flagged your update most likely because  (1) you used a stock photo for the business and it was not geotagged for that location or (2) you put the phone number in the update or (3) a long ugly link was written in the update. These are very common so there is no need to worry. There are simple solutions to fixing these rejections.

The Stock Photo Issue

While I like to use them too, stock photos are used by other people. Google is looking to see if this particular photo was actually taken in that location - the location of your business. If the photo is used a lot and it is not attached to your business with the location stamp, then the bot sees it as spam. It's best to geo-locate each image. I go over this in my course "Tweak your Google My Business listing for Epic Leads and Profits." It's pretty detailed so unless you know how to do it, swap out this rejected  photo for one that is taken on your location for now.

The Phone Number

There is already a call now button built into the Google My Business platform. They want you to use the Call Now Button because that is greyed out and already input from your info page as your phone number. Google does not want you leading people off into an unknown spot.  Keep it legit!

The Long Ugly Link

Similar to the phone number, Google would like your link to be all tidy in the "Learn More" area.  This is not flagged as much as the other reasons above - but it's best to have a nice clean look to your post. Use the buttons Google Gives you to 

  • Learn More
  • Book
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Order Online
  • . . . and whatever else they add after this published date!

Whatever you do - don't let rejected Google My Business posts stop you from making updates. Just stay within their guidelines. Google always gives you a link to "learn more" about why you were rejected. I'm amazed that people do not click on that button and do a bit of reading because in Google's write up is your solution.

I hope this helps you and others to fix Rejected Google My Business Posts!







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