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google my business Oct 30, 2021

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If you can think of 4 - 5 possible categories that your business qualifies to be in you are immediately opening up your business to more traffic by being in more search term lists.

For instance as a Realtor, you could be in these possible categories:

  • Real estate agency
  • real estate agents
  • Commercial agent
  • Real estate consultant
  • industrial real estate agency
  • foreclosure service

Ah ha! Now let's talk about that last one. Maybe you don't really handle foreclosures, but you'd love to talk to someone contemplating foreclosure and at least you'd like the opportunity to sell their property maybe?

It's a great way to generate a lead, if they need further help, have a foreclosure specialist phone number handy to guide them. But you want t talk to them first and maybe get a listing - yes? The smart marketer has a strategy.

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