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Create your Events for the Year

celebration events retail business Jan 10, 2020

Everyone talks about planning in January so let’s join in on the conversation. What are you planning for your business this year? Financially I’m sure you’d like to increase your quarters from last year’s results at least 10%.

What’s the plan to do that? More business.

How to acquire more sales?


It’s simple. I’m biased, but it does all come down to marketing. Positioning your brand to be in the right place at the right time for consumers to embrace your solution and buy your goods or services.

One way to have this miracle of the meeting of your customer and your business is to set up events.

Now, don’t get too worried. We are not talking about huge setups and immense planning requirements. There are so many types of events.

One type of event is Celebration

Maybe somehing like this "Come in to celebrate our 4th year of business." Take the time to thank your followers and reward them with a special raffle, have vendors come in for demos, offer a buy one get one. Have a raffle where the proceeds go to a local charity that aligns with your brand mission. That one is easy - mark your business's anniversary on the calendar right now and have your staff come up with some cool new ideas. It’s easy to promote a fun activity event like a celebratory part!

Another type of Event could be a “Checkup”

For instance if you had a tire store you could put attention on a crucial item for your car that you don’t think about until an emergency - the spare tire! Create a station outside that allows people to roll up and get that spare tire checked! Take pictures of the terrible ones to show people - hey - this might be in your trunk and worthless if you blew a tire on a lonely dark road some night!

Now I’m not saying to scare people -- but you are sort of - just make them aware of checking the aire on the spare. And making sure it exists! With households with multiple drivers a spare could be lost in Vegas and you won’t know it till the other driver fesses up  LOL! There are many cool ways to promote a fun tire store spare check-up event.

Make an event or 12 - make one event per month and get those promoted through your social channels. Excitement builds interest. People will share and encourage their friends to join in - that’s what it’s all about - getting your brand in front of interested folks and creating solutions to their problems.

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