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Google Alerts - Your Secret Content Helper

google alerts google tools marketing tools Jan 07, 2020


Google Alerts is a tool that has been out for a long time – and some people forget about it. It’s a free tool to use – Google will curate the content on a keyword or keyphrase and drop it into your email daily or weekly. You can tell Google to just search the USA or a specific country. Just set it up the way you want.

TIPS: Don’t use generic words like “marketing” or  your feed will be way too crowded. Maybe use a keyphrase like “marketing for travel agencies” or “how to market a cruise” – this gives you specific answers you can use.

After using Google Alerts for a bit you might start to think – hey – why isn’t MY content in here? This would be a great way to get my information on out there. You can. You have to have a great website that is updated often and you need to be listed in Google News. This means your site must be indexed properly. Make sure your content is original work – nothing re-enginerred. Show author information (usually at the bottom) Make the content readable and timely.

You can submit it to the Google News Publishing Center then sit back and wait to see if your site meets their criteria.


This blog post also uses one of my Alexa mini-brief sessions talking about Google Alerts so I shared it here. Enjoy! Want to hear more? Click on the podcast link in the navigation or just click here.


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