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Make your Retail Storefront Inviting

retail store storefront visual Dec 04, 2019

Too many times we get so wrapped up into our businesses that we forget that the outside of the busines must not only look inviting, but it must reflect the good vibes that are associated with your business as well. Consider adding more lighting so security in and around the front door is not in question. Well lit signage both on the windows, often facing  traffic and on your front door is a must. Things must match! You are developing trust - in a glance!

This Christms is an awesome time to show your holiday spirit and decorate the outside of your business. Make someone turn their head while at a stop light and remark how beautiful and fun your business looks. They are giving cues to their companion that a gift from your store would be a good idea! You’ve got to make that “hint dropping” action happen with lots of twinkly lights, greenery, wreaths, red bows and more. Give us those Christmas vibes with just a simple drive by!

I used to always have a lit up sign telling people to “Give the Gift of Relaxation” this holiday season. After 15 years in business that sign was pretty worn out - but it brought in so much business it was worth the $75 I had to make it on that firm foam board. Every night it was lit up on my business porch from when it got dark (around 5 pm) until midnight. A simple sign created massive amounts of sales - these are the big things that separate you from other retailers. You find out great tips from me - Jan Rossi - your business retail marketing helper.

A brand new course made specifically for you - the new retail business owner - is coming soon. and don’t worry - even if you are into your business 2 years or so - you can join in as well. I hope your holiday season is amazing. Sign up for advanced notification of the course today. Get your business ready for the new year!

 Author Jan Rossi, Marketing Professional

I’m a marketer for entrepreneurs looking to take back marketing control for more sales. I’ve designed websites and social media to increase sales for customers so they are wildly ahead of their competitors and thrive. Beach obsessed East Coaster, 60’s music enthusiast and weekend estate sale repurposer. See my full bio under Meet Jan.