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Pop-Ups, Shows and Festival Temporary Retail Spots for Fast Growth

pop-up store retail show temporary store Jan 15, 2020

As some retail spaces fold it creates an empty spot. If your retail store is in the south end of town and you’d like a presence in the north end maybe for shoppers to find you easier?

Or maybe you want to open a men’s store up north and keep the ladies fashion down in the south store. Be creative and find a way to use a new empty space as a quick pop-up for the summer months maybe or just during a festival weekend.

Negotiating for a Pop-up Store

Negotiating for the space could be a win-win for the leasing agent as it shows off the property with a temporary tenant and the possibility of you considering it for a full time store is high. Just know how to negotiate a short term deal that will net you profit - not just increase exposure and be prepared to walk away from your favorite new spot and find another one if the leasing agent feels they have too much power (charging too much).

Think Outside the (Retail) Box

Just consider thinking outside of the traditional retail box and into a temporary pop up or a weekend show to help drive traffic to your main store.

Tiffany’s in NYC recently opened up a pop-up near their main store as it is under renovations. It hadn’t been renovated in years.  So they are taking this time to set up fun areas where some jewelry is more accessible than others, there are graphc backdrops for selfies, excellent lighting and updated Tiffany’s branding everywhere. They just opened a cafe and that is doing well.

Think like the big dog you are and don’t let anyone think your small retail store has a small potential. You can work the online side and the brick and mortar side and kill it!  

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