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Post Pandemic Gold Rush

Post Pandemic Gold Rush

post pandemic May 10, 2021

If you've been listening to the news, you're hearing about potential wild times that are about to happen as people feel more confident and resume their daily lives. Maybe the word "resume" is too passive here as many people are going to fling themselves into participation with group dinners and parties, movies, weddings and all sorts of gatherings to try and reconnect with others. Where does your business fit in this scenario? And how can people find you in the marketing noise of the post pandemic gold rush?

My magic genie cannot clue us in so we don't know. The solution to this mystery is to simply present your company online in the most solid and enticing fashion you can so that potential new customers choose you and your business. Showing up with current information is the first step.

Update all Online Platforms

Knowing you are open and available to do business with others is important. Make sure your website copyright is set at 2021. Do all phone numbers work? And who is answering the phone - a cheerful informed person with answers? or a busy worker who takes a message and never calls anyone back? Make these decisions now.

How is your Google My Business Listing and who is posting what? Do you have an offer that expires in 30 days to encourage business? You should do this now - pre-set it up with start and end dates and let Google post it when it should be posted. Be sure to add the necessary legalese like "this offer may not be combined with other offers" just to cover yourself in case you have any outstanding coupons still in effect from last year.

Make posts on every platform and tease your new open date. People love this! It gets them excited too and they want to support you and your staff so make it fun. Maybe get a fun stamp to apply on their wrist with an "I got outta lockdown and the first place I went to was [insert your biz name here]" - it's fun and it gives you free advertising when other people ask "what's that?" your customers tell them about your place.

Get your Game Face On

Tell your staff is going to be game time! That's code for - we are going to crush it! Inspiration is needed. You, as the leader of your business, must provide that feeling of fun, excitement and all around leadership. Ask your team what they need. Ask them for ways to keep the customers coming back. Take suggestions serious - a team works together. Implement some simple way to have these "early adopters" come back and spend even more money with you. It might just be having someone saying "thank you for coming in today" as you see a party that is leaving - they know their visit was valued. Thank them.

There are many other ways to help you kick start your post pandemic gold rush. More informative posts addressing marketing ideas are soon to be published here. In the meantime - plan! Get your materials ready, stock the shelves and even expand your hours - do whatever you can to have a terrific summer of gold rush sales.

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