You’re a business owner, or marketing manager, concerned about falling behind in promoting your business.

Are you wondering if current sales will pay the rent, keep the lights on and meet payroll this month? How do you increase sales?

To put it simply, you don’t know the new social media marketing methods and you rely on others and this loss of control is messing with your sanity. If you could just grab some training fast, you could get your offers up, promote things and say exactly what you want without having to tell someone else. The thought of sifting through YouTube videos makes you cringe - I get it! 

Hello - I’m Jan, and I specialize in online marketing for stressed out business owners and marketing managers. I understand the struggles you face because I was a retail business owner for 14 years. I understand being worried about running my business and making payroll just like you.

With over ten years of corporate sales experience, fourteen years of retail store ownership and eleven years of solo entrepreneurial business skills I have implemented social media and traditional marketing methods to discover new sales for many businesses.

I know what works and I know what is a complete waste of time. I will bring your skill levels up and share specific marketing tactics and help you avoid old methods that no longer work. 

Most days I create new content for you on this website or make an audio post for my (almost) daily podcast Marketing Residency I started 2 years ago. I try new things and share the data using different marketing tactics.

In 1996 I started a successful retail business with an SBA loan and 7 amazing employees. I understand the problems you encounter on a daily basis. There is not enough time in the day to do everything and important marketing efforts are not being implemented. This is very troubling so you’ve searched for a way to learn these skills.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? You actually can have the skills to complete simple marketing tasks without committing to a draining 12 week course - who has time for that?

Here’s a pic of me as a freshman at UCONN. I am a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a Professional Business Fraternity for Men and Women, and I was President of the UCONN Marketing Club as well. I worked at businesses as a temp between college semesters and I decided that marketing was my area - helping companies to promote their goods and services seemed a natural fit for me then and today as well.

I recently moved to a new home at the Jersey shore. I love the weather, the people, the cheesesteak sandwiches and pizza! The Cape May area is so wonderfully relaxing.  ♥

While there is more to me than being in New Jersey now, I understand that you want to figure out if I am the right person to lead you in learning the marketing skills needed in these online social media times. The answer is most definitely yes - I’m your gal.

I have a B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of Connecticut and I put that knowledge into a career as a sales rep for Xerox Corporation and then as Owner/Manager of a successful day spa in Colorado called Cleopatra’s Day Spa. I have Amazon Seller & Etsy experience as well.

I ran Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Websites with my solo marketing practice helping other business owners navigate the world of online marketing. My quest for smart solutions made me the go-to marketing person for many clients. 

It was during one of these meetings that a client turned to me and she said, “I wished I had videotaped everything you said because I need to review it so I can make these awesome changes step by step!”

Wow! A little idea started to form in my head as I drove back to my office. What if?

What if I could create online marketing courses for people everywhere to learn my stellar online marketing tactics and tips?


After assisting businesses with in-person training, I now transform the lives of busy owners and marketing managers with my online courses. You'll have way more time to come up with cool offers now!

I know you are busy. There are no long winded intros and slides that are off-topic! 

These are self-paced courses you can refer back to when needed. This is built for business owners and marketing managers so you are surpassing your competition with great marketing tactics learned from a course that is updated each quarter.

Learn more about my first course on Google My Business. It’s the new front door to your business – through mobile!

Stick with me – Jan Rossi – and I’ll help you navigate those online platforms and gain some mad marketing skills resulting in more profit for your awesome business.

I'm here for you! Welcome.

If you haven’t read any of my short blog posts yet, pick up a new tip right now.