You’re a business owner,


 You’re really sleep deprived wondering if your sales are going to be able to pay the rent, keep the lights on and actually pay you a decent wage this month.

You are scared because you don’t know what you don’t know and your reliance on a marketing person doesn’t make that any better as you are not really seeing any traction in your business. It’s been harder and harder to have a smile on your face talking with customers because every minute spent not promoting means future sales might be non-existent. You are wondering if this is the right place!

Oh, you’re in just the right place, owner!

That’s where I come in. 

I’m Jan, and I specialize in online marketing for stressed out business owners and marketing managers just like you.

I’m your gal with over ten years of corporate sales experience, fourteen years of retail store ownership and eleven years of solo entrepreneurial online marketing savvy.

Most days you can find me in front of my computer coming up with Marketing Residency podcast episodes – yes! a podcast – or updating this website or creating new content for you. I take a break in the afternoon to read a mystery novel, figure out what's up with my lawn and answer questions from people about marketing both in my community and also on Quora.

Here’s a pic of me as a freshman at UCONN. There is a typewriter there somewhere. I’m a fast typist – as a matter of fact - that skill paid for my meals, books and spending money at college. Notice the albums?

I’m single and I just moved to a new home at the Jersey shore. I love it – the weather, the people, the cheesesteak sandwiches and pizza! Beach sunsets are stellar. ♥

I also love -
• stand-up comedies on Netflix
• documentaries on all subjects
• mystery books & library visits
• 60’s surfer music – records preferred

I have a B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of Connecticut and while that was a while back, I put that knowledge into a career as a sales rep for Xerox Corporation and then as Owner/Manager of Cleopatra’s Day Spa.

Afterwards, I took my online marketing skills in Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and Website design and turned it into a solo marketing practice helping other business owners navigate the world of online marketing.

My quest for smart solutions made me the go-to marketing person for many clients.

It was during one of these meetings that a client turned to me and she said, “I wished I had videotaped everything you said because it was all great info but it’s a lot to remember!”

Wow! A little idea started to form in my head as I drove back to my office. What if?

What if I could create online marketing courses for people everywhere to learn my stellar online marketing tactics and tips?

I did it! 

After transforming many businesses with in-person marketing skills, now I can teach you these same skills online to propel your business into more search results and create more profit.

I know you are busy. These are self-paced courses you can refer back to when needed - and this is exactly what my client wanted!

Learn more about my first course on Google My Business. It’s the new front door to your business – did you know that?

Stick with me – Jan Rossi – and I’ll help you navigate those online platforms along with some mad marketing skills thus creating more profit in your awesome business. I'm here for you!